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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01735Lycalopex gymnocercusPampas fox13.701735
01745Vulpes canaBlanford's foxNot yet established01745
01749Vulpes macrotisKit fox15.801749
01750Vulpes pallidaPale fox1601750
01724Canis adustusSide-striped jackal13.701724
01734Lycalopex griseusArgentinian gray fox10.901734
01744Vulpes bengalensisIndian foxNot yet established01744
01723Atelocynus microtisShort-eared dog11.901723
01743Urocyon littoralisIsland gray foxNot yet established01743
01736Lycalopex sechuraeSechuran fox9.901736
01737Lycalopex vetulusHoary fox12.601737
01746Vulpes chamaCape foxNot yet established01746