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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
03036Thamnophis sirtalisCommon garter snake1403036
03032Thamnophis marcianusCheckered garter snake703032
03034Thamnophis radixPlains garter snake8.403034
03035Thamnophis sauritusEastern ribbon snake10.603035
03029Thamnophis couchiiWestern aquatic garter snake7.703029
03031Thamnophis elegansWestern terrestrial garter snake17.803031
03028Thamnophis butleriButler's garter snake1403028
03030Thamnophis cyrtopsisEastern blackneck garter snake10.803030
03033Thamnophis ordinoidesNorthwestern garter snake15.803033