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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02817Tamias sibiricusSiberian chipmunk9.602817
02818Tamias striatusEastern chipmunk9.502818
02811Tamias amoenusYellow-pine chipmunkNot yet established02811
02813Tamias minimusLeast chipmunk1002813
02819Tamias townsendiiTownsend's chipmunk9.302819
02814Tamias quadrimaculatusLong-eared chipmunkNot yet established02814
02815Tamias quadrivittatusColorado chipmunkNot yet established02815
02816Tamias ruficaudusRed-tailed chipmunkNot yet established02816
02812Tamias dorsalisCliff chipmunk12.602812
02792Sciurotamias davidianusPere David's rock squirrelNot yet established02792