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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02850Cryptotis parvaLeast shrew3.502850
02844Blarina brevicaudaNorthern short-tailed shrew2.202844
02868Suncus murinusAsian house shrew3.202868
02855Sorex araneusEurasian shrew3.202855
02866Sorex vagransVagrant shrewNot yet established02866
02867Suncus etruscusWhite-toothed pygmy shrew3.202867
02849Crocidura suaveolensLesser shrew2.802849
02858Sorex cinereusCinereus shrewNot yet established02858
02864Sorex palustrisWater shrewNot yet established02864
02853Neomys fodiensEurasian water shrew3.102853
02861Sorex minutusEurasian pygmy shrewNot yet established02861
02847Crocidura leucodonBicolored shrew2.902847
02860Sorex fumeusSmoky shrewNot yet established02860
02851Myosorex variusForest shrew2.102851
02852Neomys anomalusSouthern water shrewNot yet established02852
02856Sorex arcticusArctic shrewNot yet established02856
02859Sorex coronatusCrowned shrewNot yet established02859
02862Sorex monticolusMontane shrewNot yet established02862
02863Sorex ornatusOrnate shrewNot yet established02863
02846Crocidura flavescensGreater red musk shrew2.202846