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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02010Pteropus giganteusIndian flying fox4002010
02018Pteropus rodricensisRodriguez flying fox2802018
02020Pteropus vampyrusLarge flying fox20.902020
02011Pteropus hypomelanusVariable flying fox20.302011
02015Pteropus poliocephalusGray-headed flying fox23.602015
02024Rousettus leschenaultiiLeschenault's rousette1402024
02017Pteropus pumilusLittle golden-mantled flying fox17.202017
02012Pteropus livingstoniiComoro black flying fox1502012
02013Pteropus lyleiLyle's flying fox20.402013
02019Pteropus scapulatusLittle red flying fox15.802019
02007Pteropus alectoBlack flying fox19.702007
02008Pteropus conspicillatusSpectacled flying foxNot yet established02008
02009Pteropus dasymallusRyukyu flying fox2402009
02014Pteropus nigerGreater mascarene flying fox19.402014
02016Pteropus pselaphonBonin flying fox16.702016
02004Epomophorus wahlbergiWahlberg's epauletted fruit bat10.102004
02021Pteropus voeltzkowiPemba flying foxNot yet established02021