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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
00879Poecile atricapillusBlack-capped chickadee12.400879
00880Poecile carolinensisCarolina chickadee10.900880
00885Poecile palustrisMarsh tit11.900885
00881Poecile cinctusSiberian tit or gray-headed chickadee900881
00884Poecile montanusWillow tit11.300884
00882Poecile gambeliMountain chickadee10.100882
00886Poecile rufescensChestnut-backed chickadee9.500886
00887Poecile sclateriMexican chickadee10.100887
00883Poecile hudsonicusBoreal chickadee700883