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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01875Halichoerus grypusGray seal42.901875
01887Phoca vitulinaHarbor seal47.601887
01890Pusa sibiricaBaikal seal5601890
01874Erignathus barbatusBearded sealNot yet established01874
01876Histriophoca fasciataRibbon sealNot yet established01876
01883Monachus schauinslandiHawaiian monk sealNot yet established01883
01878Leptonychotes weddelliiWeddell sealNot yet established01878
01884Ommatophoca rossiiRoss sealNot yet established01884
01888Pusa caspicaCaspian sealNot yet established01888
01879Lobodon carcinophagaCrabeater sealNot yet established01879
01881Mirounga leoninaSouthern elephant sealNot yet established01881
01882Monachus monachusMediterranean monk sealNot yet established01882
01873Cystophora cristataHooded sealNot yet established01873
01880Mirounga angustirostrisNorthern elephant sealNot yet established01880
01885Pagophilus groenlandicusHarp sealNot yet established01885
01886Phoca larghaSpotted sealNot yet established01886
01877Hydrurga leptonyxLeopard sealNot yet established01877
01889Pusa hispidaRinged seal4601889