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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
03120Phelsuma madagascariensisMadagascar day gecko13.603120
03118Phelsuma laticaudaBroad-tailed day gecko8.703118
03121Phelsuma standingiStanding's day gecko9.603121
03119Phelsuma lineataStriped day gecko1003119
03114Phelsuma astriataSeychelles small day gecko7.403114
03115Phelsuma cepedianaBlue-tailed day gecko9.303115
03117Phelsuma guimbeauiOrange-spotted day gecko7.103117
03122Phelsuma sundbergiSeychelles giant day gecko15.903122
03116Phelsuma guentheriRound island day gecko17.803116