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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01872Zalophus californianusCalifornia sea lion35.701872
01865Arctocephalus pusillusSouth African fur seal32.101865
01867Callorhinus ursinusNorthern fur sealNot yet established01867
01868Eumetopias jubatusSteller sea lion32.801868
01861Arctocephalus australisSouth American fur seal30.601861
01869Neophoca cinereaAustralian sea lion24.101869
01864Arctocephalus gazellaAntarctic fur sealNot yet established01864
01871Phocarctos hookeriNew Zealand sea lionNot yet established01871
01863Arctocephalus galapagoensisGalapagos fur sealNot yet established01863
01870Otaria flavescensSouthern sea lion2901870
01866Arctocephalus tropicalisSubantarctic fur sealNot yet established01866
01862Arctocephalus forsteriNew Zealand fur sealNot yet established01862