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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
03080Naja hajeEgyptian cobra22.103080
03084Naja najaIndian cobra32.303084
03087Naja pallidaRed spitting cobra20.203087
03079Naja atraIndian/golden spitting cobra11.703079
03081Naja kaouthiaIndian/monocled cobra25.403081
03082Naja melanoleucaBlack and white-lipped cobra29.103082
03083Naja mossambicaMozambique spitting cobra16.703083
03085Naja nigricollisBlackneck spitting cobra23.203085
03086Naja niveaCape cobra2603086
03088Naja samarensisIndian/southeastern philippine cobra11.403088
03089Naja sputatrixIndian/Indochinese spitting cobra13.503089