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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01852Mustela putoriusEuropean polecat11.101852
01824Enhydra lutrisSea otter2701824
01850Mustela nigripesBlack-footed ferret9.401850
01849Mustela lutreolaEuropean mink8.401849
01853Mustela sibiricaSiberian weasel8.801853
03647Ciliata mustelaFivebeard rockling303647
01854Neovison visonAmerican mink11.401854
01846Mustela ermineaErmine12.501846
01851Mustela nivalisLeast weasel9.101851
01847Mustela eversmaniiSteppe polecat9.101847
01848Mustela frenataLong-tailed weasel8.801848