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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
03153Lacerta viviparaViviparous lizard1103153
03184Chalcides ocellatusPalaearctic eyed skink1403184
00111Ambystoma maculatumSpotted salamander3200111
00167Lissotriton vulgarisSmooth newt2000167
03152Lacerta viridisEuropean green lizard1003152
03156Timon lepidusJeweled lizard1703156
03205Cnemidophorus sexlineatusSix-lined racerunner603205
03963Scarus ghobbanFlame parrotfish1303963
03150Gallotia gallotiGallot's Canary Island lizard5.603150
03151Gallotia simonyiSimony's Canary Island lizard5.403151
03155Teira dugesiiMadeira wall lizard4.803155