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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02410Microcebus murinusGray mouse lemur18.202410
02417Galago senegalensisSenegal galago17.102417
02419Otolemur crassicaudatusGreater galago22.702419
02416Galago moholiSouth African galago16.602416
02420Otolemur garnettiiSmall-eared galago2002420
02418Galagoides demidoffDemidoff's galago13.402418
02422Sciurocheirus alleniAllen's squirrel galagoNot yet established02422
02421Paragalago zanzibaricusZanzibar galagoNot yet established02421
02415Euoticus elegantulusWestern needle-clawed galagoNot yet established02415