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BIBLIO ID Author(s) and year Title Citations External link
00762Tony Williams (1995)The Penguins1Search
01018Ostrowski and Williams (2006)Heterothermy of free-living Arabian sand gazelles (Gazella subgutturosa marica) in a desert environment1PubMed
00251Zhang and Augusteyn (1994)Ageing of glutathione reductase in the lens1PubMed
00507Hoogland (1996)Cynomys ludovicianus1Search
00763Jeyapalan et al. (2007)Accumulation of senescent cells in mitotic tissue of aging primate1PubMed
01019Marom et al. (2006)Energy metabolism and evaporative water loss in the European free-tailed bat and Hemprich's long-eared bat (Microchiroptera): species sympatric in the Negev Desert1PubMed
01275Travin and Feniouk (2016)Aging in Birds1PubMed
00252Stanley et al. (1975)Comparison of doubling numbers attained by cultured animal cells with life span of species1PubMed
00508Anonymous (1960)Longevity survey: length of life of mammals in captivity at the London Zoo and Whipsnade Park1Search
00764Brommer et al. (2007)Exploring the genetics of aging in a wild passerine bird1PubMed
01020Mungall et al. (2006)Feline model of acute nipah virus infection and protection with a soluble glycoprotein-based subunit vaccine1PubMed
01276Holmes et al. (2001)Comparative biology of aging in birds: an update1PubMed
00253Crews and Gerber (2003)Reconstructing life history of hominids and humans1PubMed
00509Jones et al. (2001)Dasyurus maculatus1Search
00765Greer et al. (2007)Statistical analysis regarding the effects of height and weight on life span of the domestic dog1PubMed
01021Kuhn and Costa (2006)Identifying and quantifying prey consumption using stomach temperature change in pinnipeds1PubMed
01277Stoll et al. (2016)Naked mole-rats maintain healthy skeletal muscle and Complex IV mitochondrial enzyme function into old age1PubMed
00766Sparkman et al. (2007)An empirical test of evolutionary theories for reproductive senescence and reproductive effort in the garter snake Thamnophis elegans1PubMed
01022Fick et al. (2007)Long-acting neuroleptics used in wildlife management do not impair thermoregulation or physical activity in goats (Capra hircus)1PubMed
01278Sanz-Aguilar et al. (2017)Sex- and age-dependent patterns of survival and breeding success in a long-lived endangered avian scavenger1PubMed