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BIBLIO ID Author(s) and year Title Citations External link
00678Symonds (1999)Life histories of the Insectivora: the role of phylogeny, metabolism, and sex differences31Search
00440New York State Department of Environmental Conservation29URL
00578Klimkiewicz et al. (1983)Longevity records of North American birds: Remizidae through Parulinae29Search
00585Rochet et al. (2000)Comparative analysis of phylogenetic and fishing effects in life history patterns of teleost fishes29Search
00573David Macdonald (1985)The Encyclopedia of Mammals28Search
00579Clapp et al. (1983)Longevity records of North American birds: Columbidae through Paridae27Search
00972Wasser and Sherman (2010)Avian longevities and their interpretation under evolutionary theories of senescence27Search
00977Beauchamp (2010)Group-foraging is not associated with longevity in North American birds26PubMed
01150Jones et al. (2014)Diversity of ageing across the tree of life26PubMed
00649Brouwer et al. (1994)Longevity and breeding records of ibises and spoonbills in captivity24Search
00580Klimkiewicz and Futcher (1987)Longevity records of North American birds: Coerbinae through Estrildidae23Search
00468John Behler and F. King (1979)The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians22Search
01135Lemaitre et al. (2013)Comparing free-ranging and captive populations reveals intra-specific variation in aging rates in large herbivores22PubMed
00527Castanet (1994)Age estimation and longevity in reptiles21PubMed
01298Weigl (2014)Longevity of crocodilians in captivity21Search
00463Austad (1997)Small nonhuman primates as potential models of human aging18PubMed
00668Brouwer et al. (1992)Longevity and breeding records of storks17Search
01301Zehr et al. (2014)Life history profiles for 27 strepsirrhine primate taxa generated using captive data from the Duke Lemur Center17PubMed
00523Das (1994)Age determination and longevity in fishes16PubMed
00524Patnaik et al. (1994)Ageing in fishes16PubMed