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BIBLIO ID Author(s) and year Title Citations External link
00528Partners in Amphibian And Reptile Conservation: Northeast Working Group59URL
00510Reynolds and Lee (1996)Phylogenetic analysis of avian energetics: passerines and non-passerines do not differ59Search
01136Gomes et al. (2011)Comparative biology of mammalian telomeres: hypotheses on ancestral states and the roles of telomeres in longevity determination58PubMed
00437FEIS by the USDA Forest Service57URL
00448Woodland Park Zoo52URL
00817Bielby et al. (2007)The fast-slow continuum in mammalian life history: an empirical reevaluation51PubMed
00425Bennett and Harvey (1987)Active and resting metabolism in birds: allometry, phylogeny and ecology51Search
00443Ronald Nowak (2003)Walker's Marine Mammals of the World51Search
00520Philip Altman and Dorothy Dittmer (1962)Growth including reproduction and morphological development49Search
01142Kohler et al. (2006)Comparative mortality levels among selected species of captive animals46Search
00061Monaghan and Metcalfe (2000)Genome size and longevity43PubMed
00676Purvis and Harvey (1995)Mammal life-history evolution: a comparative test of Charnov's model43Search
00442DLIA All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory43URL
00677Saether and Gordon (1994)The adaptive significance of reproductive strategies in ungulates40PubMed
01032McNab (2008)An analysis of the factors that influence the level and scaling of mammalian BMR38PubMed
00818Blumstein and Moller (2008)Is sociality associated with high longevity in North American birds?36PubMed
00037Gillooly et al. (2001)Effects of size and temperature on metabolic rate34PubMed
00576Clapp et al. (1982)Longevity records of North American birds: Gaviidae through Alcidae34Search
00525Smirina (1994)Age determination and longevity in amphibians31PubMed
00577Klimkiewicz and Futcher (1989)Longevity records of North American birds: Supplement I31Search