LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
G457Significant (study details, 10 variants)Dutch10 genesmultipleDeelen et al. (2013)
G492Non-significant (study details, 11 variants)Korean10 genesmultiplePark et al. (2009)
91Significant (study details)Italian (Southern)APOA111q23.3Garasto et al. (2003)
3462Significant (study details)ItalianAPOA411q23.3Pepe et al. (1998)
92Non-significant (study details)Italian (Southern)APOA411q23.3Garasto et al. (2003)
24Non-significant (study details)FrenchAPOA411q23.3Merched et al. (1998)
2Non-significant (study details)FinnishAPOB2p24.1Louhija et al. (1994)
7Significant (study details)FinnishAPOB2p24.1Kervinen et al. (1994)
10Significant (study details)ItalianAPOB2p24.1De Benedictis et al. (1997)
386Significant (study details)EuropeanAPOC119q13.32Deelen et al. (2014)
12Significant (study details)English (Cambridge)APOC119q13.32Galinsky et al. (1997)
G450Significant (study details, 2 variants)German 2 genesmultipleNebel et al. (2011)
279Significant (study details)EuropeanAPOC119q13.32Beekman et al. (2013)
52Significant (study details)RussianAPOC311q23.3Anisimov et al. (2001)
89Non-significant (study details)Italian (Southern)APOC311q23.3Garasto et al. (2003)
213Significant (study details)Ashkenazi Jewish APOC311q23.3Atzmon et al. (2006)
4Significant (study details)FinnishAPOC311q23.3Louhija et al. (1994)
G438Significant (study details, 3 variants)American (Georgia and Louisiana populations from African and European origin)3 genesmultipleJazwinski et al. (2010)
3476Significant (study details)FrenchAPOE19q13.32Schächter et al. (1994)
G476Significant (study details, 3 variants)Danish, German, DutchAPOE19q13.32Soerensen et al. (2013)