LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
330Non-significant (study details)English (Newcastle)TP5317p13.1Collerton et al. (2013)
257Non-significant (study details)American (Caucasian)TP5317p13.1Boyden and Kunkel (2010)
344Non-significant (study details)American (Utah)TP5317p13.1Kerber et al. (2012)
312Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)TP5317p13.1Yashin et al. (2012)
280Significant (study details)EuropeanTP5317p13.1Beekman et al. (2013)
285Significant (study details)Italian (Central)TP5317p13.1Di Pietro et al. (2013)
381Significant (study details)DanishTP5317p13.1Bojesen and Nordestgaard (2008)
276Significant (study details)EuropeanTP5317p13.1Beekman et al. (2013)
322Non-significant (study details)Chinese (Guangxi Bama)TP5317p13.1Yang et al. (2012)
290Non-significant (study details)ChineseTP5317p13.1Cai et al. (2009)
G522Significant (study details, 2 variants)IrishTP5317p13.1Ross et al. (2001)
295Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)TP5317p13.1Yashin et al. (2012)
391Significant (study details)JapaneseTP5317p13.1Pinós et al. (2014)
277Significant (study details)EuropeanTP5317p13.1Beekman et al. (2013)
387Significant (study details)SpanishTP5317p13.1Pinós et al. (2014)
G523Non-significant (study details, 2 variants)IrishTP5317p13.1Ross et al. (2001)
314Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)TP5317p13.1Yashin et al. (2012)
383Significant (study details)European (Danish, Finnish, South Italian and Greek)TP5317p13.1Raule et al. (2014)
G412Significant (study details, 2 variants)Italian (Northern)2 genesmultipleGaspari et al. (2003)
342Non-significant (study details)American (Utah)TP5317p13.1Kerber et al. (2012)