LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
G438Significant (study details, 3 variants)American (Georgia and Louisiana populations from African and European origin)3 genesmultipleJazwinski et al. (2010)
328Significant (study details)ItalianAPOE19q13.32Malovini et al. (2011)
224Significant (study details)Italian (Southern)APOE19q13.32Seripa et al. (2006)
99Non-significant (study details)KoreanAPOE19q13.32Choi et al. (2003)
374Significant (study details)Chinese (Han)APOE19q13.32Jian-Gang et al. (1998)
9Significant (study details)SwedishAPOE19q13.32Eggertsen et al. (1993)
51Significant (study details)FinnishAPOE19q13.32Frisoni et al. (2001)
227Non-significant (study details)ColumbianAPOE19q13.32Forero et al. (2006)
131Significant (study details)Russian (Novosibirsk)APOE19q13.32Shabalin et al. (2003)
11Non-significant (study details)ItalianAPOE19q13.32Ruiu et al. (1995)
171Non-significant (study details)Ashkenazi Jewish (Jerusalem)APOE19q13.32Stessman et al. (2005)
G464Non-significant (study details, 8 variants)European8 genesmultipleWalter et al. (2011)
33Non-significant (study details)ItalianC319p13.3Bellavia et al. (1999)
G554Non-significant (study details, 2 variants)American (Georgia and Louisiana populations from African and European origin)2 genesmultipleJazwinski et al. (2010)
G508Non-significant (study details, 316 variants)Italian (Southern)119 genesmultipleDi Cianni et al. (2013)
234Significant (study details)PolishERCC219q13.32Polosak et al. (2010)
G459Non-significant (study details, 57 variants)Dutch21 genesmultipleDeelen et al. (2011)
165Significant (study details)JapaneseINSR19p13.2Kojima et al. (2004)
141Non-significant (study details)IrishKIR3DL119q13.42Ross et al. (2004)
159Non-significant (study details)IrishKIR3DL119q13.42Maxwell et al. (2004)