LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
848Nonsignificant (study details)American (Caucasian)4q22-25Boyden and Kunkel (2010)
G88Nonsignificant (study details, 16 variants)American (Caucasian)9 genesmultipleLunetta et al. (2007)
G39Nonsignificant (study details, 287 variants)Caucasians74 genesmultipleNewman et al (2010)
G66Significant (study details, 40 variants)Dutch40 genesmultiplePasstoors et al. (2013)
90Nonsignificant (study details)DanishFGB4q28Tan et al (2001)
18Nonsignificant (study details)ItalianFGB4q28Mannucci et al (1997)
235Nonsignificant (study details)American (Caucasian)FGB4q28Reiner et al (2005)
55Nonsignificant (study details)DanishFGB4q28Bladbjerg et al (1999)
G98Nonsignificant (study details, 66 variants)Italian30 genesmultipleMalovini et al. (2011)
G67Nonsignificant (study details, 3 variants)Dutch3 genesmultipleNoordam et al. (2012)
263Nonsignificant (study details)Italian (Central and Southern)IL24q27Scola et al (2005)
139Nonsignificant (study details)IrishIL24q27Ross et al (2003)
141Nonsignificant (study details)IrishIL84q13.3Ross et al (2003)
G115Nonsignificant (study details, 320 variants)Italian (Southern)121 genesmultipleDi Cianni et al. (2013)
G18Nonsignificant (study details, 3 variants)German MTTP4q23Nebel et al (2005)
G125Nonsignificant (study details, 11 variants)English (Oxford)MTTP4q24Neville et al. (2007)
G116Significant (study details, 4 variants)Ashkenazi Jewish 4 genesmultipleHuffman et al. (2012)
G126Nonsignificant (study details, 6 variants)American (Caucasian), French2 genesmultipleGeesaman et al. (2003)
G23Nonsignificant (study details, 2 variants)DutchMTTP4q23Beekman et al (2006)
G19Nonsignificant (study details, 2 variants)DanishMTTP4q23Bathum et al (2005)