LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
845Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)3p24-22Boyden and Kunkel (2010)
1882Nonsignificant (study details)American (Utah)D3S35473p24.1Kerber et al. (2012)
G78Nonsignificant (study details, 14 variants)Chinese5 genesmultipleZhao et al. (2012)
G48Nonsignificant (study details, 12 variants)American of Japanese origin5 genesmultipleWillcox et al (2008)
G156Nonsignificant (study details, 2 variants)JordanianADIPOQ3q27Khabour et al. (2010)
1089Significant (study details)PolishADIPOQ3q27Roszkowska-Gancarz et al. (2012)
G27Nonsignificant (study details, 3 variants)Ashkenazi Jewish 2 genesmultipleAtzmon et al (2008)
368Significant (study details)JordanianADIPOQ-AS13q27 Khabour et al (2010)
G105Nonsignificant (study details, 8 variants)Italian (Northern) and Japanese2 genesmultipleBenigni et al. (2013)
G104Significant (study details, 2 variants)Italian (Northern) and JapaneseAGTR13q24Benigni et al. (2013)
G64Nonsignificant (study details, 57 variants)Dutch16 genesmultipleDeelen et al. (2011)
G153Nonsignificant (study details, 592 variants)Danish92 genesmultipleDebrabant et al. (2014)
1519Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)ATRIP3p21.31Yashin et al. (2012)
G118Nonsignificant (study details, 41 variants)American, English, Irish24 genesmultipleShi et al. (2012)
1879Nonsignificant (study details)SpanishCCR53p21.31Laplana and Fibla (2012)
1539Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)CLSTN23q23Yashin et al. (2012)
G154Nonsignificant (study details, 284 variants)Danish42 genesmultipleDato et al. (2014)
G39Nonsignificant (study details, 287 variants)Caucasians74 genesmultipleNewman et al (2010)
G74Significant (study details, 281 variants)American (Caucasian)146 genesmultipleSebastiani et al. (2012)
G58Nonsignificant (study details, 32 variants)German 20 genesmultipleNebel et al. (2011)