LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
1885Nonsignificant (study details)American (Utah)17q21Kerber et al. (2012)
1062Significant (study details)European17q12-q22Beekman et al. (2013)
13Significant (study details)English (Cambridge)ACE17q23.3Galinsky et al (1997)
153Nonsignificant (study details)Italian, French and DanishACE17q23.3Panza et al (2003)
G80Nonsignificant (study details, 68 variants)Danish, German, Dutch10 genesmultipleSoerensen et al. (2013)
123Nonsignificant (study details)KoreanACE17q23.3Choi et al (2003)
60Nonsignificant (study details)DutchACE17q23.3Heijmans et al (1999)
110Nonsignificant (study details)PolishACE17q23.3Grzeszczak and Misztalski (2002)
160Significant (study details)Russian (Novosibirsk)ACE17q23.3Shabalin et al (2003)
51Nonsignificant (study details)DanishACE17q23.3Bladbjerg et al (1999)
288Significant (study details)ColumbianACE17q23.3Forero et al (2006)
100Significant (study details)Chinese (Uighur, Kazakh and Han in Xinjiang)ACE17q23.3Rahmutula et al (2002)
20Nonsignificant (study details)DanishACE17q23.3Agerholm-Larsen et al (1997)
83Nonsignificant (study details)American (Caucasian)ACE17q23.3Hessner et al (2001)
6Significant (study details)FrenchACE17q23.3Schächter et al (1994)
209Significant (study details)Chinese (Uighur in Xinjiang)ACE17q23.3Wufuer et al (2004)
74Nonsignificant (study details)FrenchACE17q23.3Blanché et al (2001)
1416Significant (study details)ChineseACE17q23.3Woo et al. (2012)
769Significant (study details)GreekACE17q23.3Kolovou et al. (2013)
114Significant (study details)DanishACE17q23.3Frederiksen et al (2003)