LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
G114Nonsignificant (study details, 23 variants)American (Amish) rs11585386Edwards et al. (2013)
1884Nonsignificant (study details)American (Utah)8q23Kerber et al. (2012)
1064Significant (study details)European19q13.11-q13.32Beekman et al. (2013)
1517Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)rs9616906Yashin et al. (2012)
2558Significant (study details)Japanesers13330499p21.3Pinós et al. (2014)
G157Nonsignificant (study details, 31 variants)Italian3 genesmultipleGravina et al. (2009)
1540Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)rs1205035Yashin et al. (2012)
1882Nonsignificant (study details)American (Utah)D3S35473p24.1Kerber et al. (2012)
1062Significant (study details)European17q12-q22Beekman et al. (2013)
1531Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)rs13008689Yashin et al. (2012)
G130Non-significant (study details, 2 variants)Irishmt9055ARoss et al. (2001)
847Nonsignificant (study details)American (Caucasian)12q24Boyden and Kunkel (2010)
1522Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)rs12623542Yashin et al. (2012)
2337Significant (study details)Japanese14979CMTBilal et al. (2008)
845Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)3p24-22Boyden and Kunkel (2010)
G86 (study details, 8 variants)American (Caucasian)rs10493513Lunetta et al. (2007)
1417Nonsignificant (study details)ChineseMTCai et al. (2009)
1689Nonsignificant (study details)Chinese (Guangxi Bama)mt146AMTYang et al. (2012)
1536Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)rs3120819Yashin et al. (2012)
2382Significant (study details)Italian (Northern)rs1333049Emanuele et al. (2010)