Vitamin E in DrugAge


SpeciesAssaysAvg Lifespan Change (%)Maximum Lifespan Change (%)
Asplanchna brightwelli324.5 6.7
Caenorhabditis elegans1023 0
Mus musculus115
Drosophila melanogaster214
Paramecium tetraurelia111.7 17.1
Philodina19.2 0
Summary Total Assays: 18 Max: 24.5 Max: 17.1

Results for Vitamin E

Species Avg Lifespan change (%) Max Lifespan change (%) Strain Dosage Gender Significance

Selected Lifespan Change:

Species Avg Lifespan change (%) Max Lifespan change (%) Strain Dosage Gender Significance Reference


Primary References
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Vitamin E

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