GenDR Build 3: Release Notes

Release date: September 17, 2015
Number of genes inferred from genetic manipulations: 172
Number of genes from expression changes: 173

This third build represents a significant update of the genes inferred from genetic manipulation experiments with many new genes added to the database. No genes were deleted, but some gene symbols were updated.

The list of genes robustly altered due to DR, derived from a meta-analysis of microarray DR studies in mammals, did not change and is not expected to change in the foreseeable future.

Please remember these notes refer to the latest stable build of GenDR. The current version may differ slightly from the above due to improvements after the build's release.

More information concerning the design and curation of GenDR is available elsewhere. Use of GenDR is free but subject to the conditions of the Human Ageing Genomic Resources. To cite GenDR please use:

Wuttke, D., Connor, R., Vora, C., Craig, T., Li, Y., Wood, S., Vasieva, O., Shmookler Reis, R., Tang, F., de Magalhaes, J. P. (2012) "Dissecting the gene network of dietary restriction to identify evolutionarily conserved pathways and new functional genes." PLoS Genetics 8(8):e1002834. PubMed

But if you are only using the molecular signatures of DR, please cite:

Plank, M., Wuttke, D., van Dam, S., Clarke, S., de Magalhaes, J. P. (2012) "A meta-analysis of caloric restriction gene expression profiles to infer common signatures and regulatory mechanisms." Molecular BioSystems 8(4):1339-1349. PubMed

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