Cell Senescence-associated Genes

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Gene Name Method Cell Types Cell Lines Cancer Cell Line? Senescence Type Senescence Effect
BAG3KnockdownGlioma, Laryngeal cancerA172, HEp2YesReplicativeInhibits
NOTCH3KnockdownBreast cancer, Fibroblast, Foreskin fibroblast, Glioma, MelanomaA375P, BJ, LF1, MDA-MB-231, T98G, WS1YesStress-inducedInduces
NTN4Knockdown, OverexpressionGliomaT98G, U-251MG, U-87MG, U-U118MGYesStress-inducedInhibits
PSMD14KnockdownBreast cancer, Cervical cancer, Colorectal cancer, Glioma, Lung cancer, Melanoma, Ovarian cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate cancerA427, A549, BTS49-SK-OV-3, DU145, HCC1937, HCT116, HeLa, Mia PaCa-2, NCI-H1299, NCI-H23, NCI-H460, NCI-H522, SK-BR-3, SK-LU-1, SK-MEL-2, SNB-75YesReplicativeInhibits
SOX5OverexpressionGliomaU-1242MG, U-178MG, U-251MG, U-343MG, U-343MGaYesOncogene-inducedInduces